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USAjobs Inc. VideoClip™ video interviews -

USAjobs Inc. provides free to Registered Candidate Members (job applicants) and Employers the ability to conduct our powerful VideoClip™ video interviews over the Internet through this free video conferencing site area. A USAjobs VideoClip™ may be part of a USAjobs VideoDossier™ structured to provide Employers with important, accurate, in-depth Candidate information that can be acted upon with confidence.

Registered Candidate Members may visit our free facility locations below, or use third party compatible H.323 equipment, or pay only shipping and handling that typically does not exceed $15 to use our loaned equipment:

  • - Visit our video conferencing facilities; email us:

    American Fork, UT; Austin, Houston, Phoenix, Seattle, Sacramento, Pleasanton, CA: Rockville, MD: others as announced.

  • - Use you own or third party ITU-T H.323 or H.324 compatible video conferencing equipment connected to the Internet as an IP device. A prior test with our equipment is required to verify compatibility.

  • - USAjobs will loan you a VideoClip™ compatible high resolution digital camera and tripod if you have high speed internet access and computer with USB 2.0 port and /or FireWire - 1394 port.

  • - USAjobs will loan you an D-link Video phone if you have high speed internet access. Please see for product information.

  • - USAjobs will loan you a Polycom ViaVideo 2 if you have high speed internet access and computer with a USB port. Please see for product information.

  • - If you do not have high speed internet service, USAjobs will loan you a VideoClip™ compatible Verizon video cell phone and tripod. Video quality is acceptable but not equal to some of the options above.

The equipment above is easy to use and simple to setup with the help of our free Member Services help desk outgoing phone support initiated by your email to You must be a USAjobs Inc. Registered Candidate Member.

Please email to schedule a video interview.


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